A focus Group by FEH

On the 3rd of July, 2018, HR experts from FEH organised a focus groups. The aim of the first focus group was to develop practical tools, practice exercises and contents for the units of the e-course that the FRESH project is developing under the Intellectual Output 2: Development of a curriculum on strategic HRM for small businesses in the agri-food sector.

A first presentation of the project took place in order to introduce the experts to the different aspects of the project and ease to them both a general overview and concrete picture of the Intellectual Output 2. Its main deliverables were also showed: Trainer’s Book, Methodology Guide, Evaluation Guide, Training Profile, etc.

After a first overview of the structure of the course, and taking into account the results of the IO1, the HR experts suggested adapting the first agreed structure of the e-course by dividing it in a more realistic and sequential way. The proposal was to go from the basic concepts of Human Resources Management to the more complex ones. That would help different kind of Human Resources Managers with different levels of knowledge, allowing them to select which unit could suit them the best.

FEH with the rest of the consortium is the leading entity of the IO2. Once the main contents are developed the next step is to meet with the Federation of Food Industries of the Region of Valencia (FEDACOVA) so an entity in daily contact with Agri-food SMEs can give their feedback.

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