Let’s Kick off!

The Kick-off Meeting of the project took place in Valencia, on 16th & 17th of November of 2017, hosted by FEDACOVA together with Fundación Equipo Humano (FEH). The project meeting had as main results, the following steps to make in each Intellectual Output.

  1. Development of a European standard of professional competence (IO1).. The project will develop an innovative non-formal training course supported by an online platform for C-VET training centres with the use of ECVET, EQAVET and standards for non-formal lifelong learning that will enhance HR managers’ employability and mobility throughout the EU. A business questionnaire will be launch to analyse the Human Resources Management needs in agri-food companies.
  2. Development of a curriculum on strategic HRM for small businesses in the agri-food sector (IO2). Development of the training course: a non-formal training course that will consider all European standards to facilitate recognition across borders.
  3. Development of an open source Learning Management System and training course contents integration (IO3). Different games and experiential training will be the backbone of the online training course.

The following meeting in Athens would deal with the first outcome of the project and will start working on the development of the training course.

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