FRESH started in 2017 and finishes now in 2020, with important results that have proposed an innovative approach for addressing skill mismatches through HRM.

FRESH’s main aim is the reduction of skill mismatches in the agri-food industry. The objectives of the project are to strengthen competitiveness of EU agri-food small firms and reduce the apparent skill mismatches  by strengthening lifelong learning on strategic HRM in small enterprises of the agri-food sector, specifically addressed to HR managers with no or little training on HRM.

The impact made has already helped small businesses culture move towards a stronger commitment with HRM, implying among other changes, a decided engagement with lifelong learning of staff.

After a two year’s project, some of its main results are:

  1. Development of a European standard of professional competence (IO1). You can consult result of this Output in the Professional Competence Section.
  2. Development of a curriculum on strategic HRM for small businesses in the agri-food sector (IO2). Development of the training course: a non-formal training course that considered all European standards to facilitate recognition across borders. This includes several documents such as:
    1. Training Profile. Includes general information about the course, learning path, the structure of the modules and its learning units, learning goals and learning objectives of the learning units
    2. Student’s Book.  Document with all units, contents of modules, glossary and references.
    3. Evaluation Guide. Prepared to assist the trainer or teacher with assessment principles and the methodology of the course (scope of exams, online assessment, certification completion; grading method; methods and criteria; study cases and exercises).
    4. Methodology guideline. Practical guide for the use of the e-platform. It also explains the technical and educational background of the course.
    5. Trainer’s Book. Document that merges the Evaluation, Methodology and Student’s book.

These can be found in the Curriculum section

  1. Development of an open source Learning Management System and training course contents integration (IO3).

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