This curriculum is a tool for improving HRM achievement through non-formal continuous VET. The methodology for delivering this training uses innovative pedagogies, and digital open channels. The course is divided in 4 modules, including 4 training videos, written materials, practical cases, peer review, open debate and teacher’s feedback.
The curriculum is constituted by the following:

  •  1 Training Profile. Includes general information about the course, learning path, the structure of the modules and its learning units, learning goals and learning objectives of the learning units
  • 1 Student’s Book. Document with all units, contents of modules, glossary and references.
  • 1 Evaluation Guide. Prepared to assist the trainer or teacher with assessment principles and the methodology of the course (scope of exams, online assessment, certification completion; grading method; methods and criteria; study cases and exercises).
  • 1 Methodology guideline. Practical guide for the use of the e-platform. It also explains the technical and educational background of the course.
  • 1 Trainer’s Book. Document that merges the Evaluation, Methodology and Student’s book.
  •  4 videos. Short practical videos which explain the basic contents of the materials as well as how to interact with the online platform.
    To access each of the documents, click on each of them or register in the e-learning platform and enrol in the course.