Second Transnational meeting in Athens

The 2nd project meeting was hosted by SEVT in Athens, on 11th of May 2018. The meeting overview the activities and intellectual outputs implemented to date with some results:

  1. Development of a European standard of professional competence (IO1). The results of the survey and national analysis saw the weaknesses of the Human Resources (HR) and a need of the Qualification Standards of the business framework. France was the country where Agrifood (AF) companies answered the most, following by Spain.
  2. Development of a curriculum on strategic HRM for small businesses in the agri-food sector (IO2). A set of general and specific competences were listed and the units of the e-course developed. The course will treat aspects of the Human Resources field such as workforce planning, talent management and retention, employee relations, equality and diversity and employee engagement.

The next steps to follow are the development of the training content with the next meeting on the 9th of November of 2018, in Slovenia.

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