Agrifood companies feedback

Different entities and agrifood companies from different target groups (HR managers of small enterprises of the agri-food industry and agri-food industry businesses, Agri food business associations, training centers, etc.) from the partner’s countries have collaborated with the project.

Once the first structure of the course was developed ANIA, SEVT and FEDACOVA contacted the main stakeholders to know their opinion about the structure of the course. FEDACOVA got the feedback from around 23 companies. Around 80% agreed that the contests of the course would help me to improve and develop a Human Resources Department in their own company. Moreover, all of them agreed that practical exercises, information about tools available and HR theoretic concepts would help them developing their HR departments.

SEVT (Hellenic Food and Drink Industries) had similar outcomes. Greek Agrifood companies indicated that the content of the course will help companies to improve and develop a Human Resources Department. All blocks of the content were evaluated as very good. Concerning the kind of exercises and materials that will help companies to develop or improve their HR department they considered that all the options are of equal importance for the execution of the course.

It is planned that a similar feedback will be obtained by ANIA (the French National Association of Agrifood) which at the moment of this post was published was still gathering information.

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