Professional Competence

One of the intellectual outputs of the project and main result is the European standard of professional competence.

This refers to a common framework for qualifications in the scope of a European scheme of skills, competences and knowledge to be acquired at the workplace. The principal reference is therefore the European Qualifications Framework, which will serve as a core structure for the construction of a final assessment curriculum at the end of the training course.

The agri-food sector faces specific and severe HR challenges, and their proficient management will be an important source of competitive advantage in the upcoming global agri-food market. Many companies are nevertheless not aware of this fact, usually coinciding with those with a weak strategic HRM.

This European Standard of Professional Competence consists of:

You can download here the document developed by the project. The development of a standard of professional competence has been competed through 4 different tools:

  • Analysis of the specific Human Resources Managers (HRM) challenges.
  • Analysis of the concrete Training Centres Human Resources Manager (HRM) challenges.
  • Questionnaire for Agrifood Sector Company.
  • Elaboration of a European Standard of professional competence for each partner country