EDITC in Cyprus is hosting the 4th Transnational meeting

On May 16, the FRESH´s project Partners were in Nicosia (Cyprus) to attend their 4th Partnership Meeting.

In this meeting internal validations were made among the members of the online training course in HR resources for agri-food business managers.

The partners also looked for strategies to obtain opinions from the training and agri-food sector to improve the online course.

Fundación Equipo Humano is the leader of this activity and presented to the project partners the work done so far with the aim of receiving definitive feedback.

The regional and national Food Industries Federations which are part of the consortium such as France (ANIA), Greece (SEVT) and Spain (FEDACOVA) discussed about the Multiplier Event they will be organising in each countries.

The following steps were also decided for the last meeting next December, in Paris. This will be held next to the Final Conference, that will take place on the 10th of December where the results of the project will be presented by all partners at the ANIA facilities.


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