Second focus group

On the 23rd of July a second focus group took place in Fundación Equipo Humano headquarters’. The main objective was to show the work done by FEH, made the necessary changes after FEDACOVA’s suggestions and agreed on the following steps to develop the online training course.

Along the presentation of the course, a small presentation of each block took place and a discussion emerged in almost all cases about the feasibility and adaptability of each unit syllabus for HR managers. FEDACOVA contributed with their experience and knowledge by commenting and suggesting changes or additional information that could be more practical. The feedback provided by FEDACOVA did not change the main contents of the course but shaped in a more suitable way for the Agrifood companies.

After all blocks and units were introduced some of the conclusions after the focus group were:

  • The need of summarizing most of the contents explained in the focus group and adapts them to the needs expressed in the previous analysis made by the project.
  • FEDACOVA really valued the new structure of the course and its contents by highlighting its added value.
  • The need of providing practical and useful tools that HR manager can use on a daily basis.

Agrifood companies are meant to participate in the next steps by providing their opinion and feedback about the contents of the course developed so far.

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